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Practice #2
Knowing What Is Holding You Back From Accomplishing Your Dreams
Practice #1
Knowing Where You Are Now
Practice #4
Determining What You Will Need On Your Journey
Practice #3
Starting Your Journey To 
Build A Strong Future

8 Practices to Build Your Personal Game Plan System (GPS)


To be successful in life and recognize how significant you truly are in this world, knowing who you are is important! The 1st Practice in building your Personal Game Plan begins with - Knowing where you are now. When using a GPS device, the first thing it shows you is where you currently are. It is only when you know where you are now that you can truly begin your Journey to set meaningful priorities and goals for your 8 Life Balance Points. This page is dedicated to providing you with an overview of the 8 Practices Highly Successful People Know and Follow. 

Practice #8
Staying On Course As You Face Life's Detours and Challenges
Practice #6
Making The Decisions Which Will Help You Fulfill Your Life Purpose
Practice #7
Maintaining Your Integrity And Living Out Your Decisions
Practice #5
Determining What You Want To Accomplish In Your Future
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