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Areas of Proven Expertise

The leadership team of Build A Strong Future offers more than 21 years of experience in leadership, organizational, strategic development, as well as, implementation. Having co-led or served in key roles in change initiatives within 43 nations, we offer a perspective of diverse cultures and reactions to the change process. Build A Strong Future offers a Fully Integrated Strategic Planning and Implementation Process known as PrimeGPS. 
Leadership Development

Many studies have been performed by major universities relating to the contribution of technical vs. people skills in relationship to a person’s career.


In each study, researchers found technical skills amount to 15-20% of the reason a person gets a job, keeps a job, and is successful in their career is based on their technical skills. We refer to this knowledge, skills, and abilities as Cognitive (IQ) Intelligence. The other 80-85% refers to their Character and Emotional Intelligence.


Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “character” as “moral strength: self-discipline, fortitude, a good reputation, etc.” Or, as someone once said, “Character is who you are when no one else is looking.”


Emotional Intelligence is your self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, your emphathy for others, and your ability to build effective relationships.


BASF Leadership Courses, Workshops, and Seminars uniquely integrate the 4Cs - Character, Connection, Competence, and Commitment to Improvement; 8 Steps to Change; and 8 Disciplines for creating a Personal Game Plan System (GPS) to Build A Strong Future.

Strategic Planning

BASF has developed, over a 17-year period, a fully integrated Strategic Planning and Implementation System entitled PRIME GPS.


PRIME stands for:


Relating and Refining the Plan

Implementing the Plan and Encouraging Innovation

Measuring and Managing Results

Executing and Evaluating Improvements


GPS stands for:





Utilizing PRIMEGPS ensures your organization has a fully developed game plan for success.


Situational Analysis

Organizations, of all sizes, are looking for help to address the challenges and deficiencies which are hurting productivity and profitability.


Here are just a few of the challenges and deficiencies:

1. Managing and Leading Change

2. Creating and Implementing Strategic Efforts

3. Tracking and Measuring Employee Performance

4. Keeping People Accountable

5. Equipping the Workforce with the required Skills and Competencies


BASF has developed a proprietary on-line 10-Key Element Strategic Questionnaire which enables organizations to gain feedback from personnel at all levels within their entities anonymously. This allows BASF to generate up to 7 different reports to help organizational leaders to determine 'where they are now' and the priorities for continuous improvement.

These reports include:

  • 4C leadership analysis

  • 10-Key Element analysis

  • Personnel recommendations and feedback

  • Values analysis

  • S.W.O.T analysis

  • Challenges analysis

  • Purpose feedback - why the organization exists

Communicate the Strategy

One of the most significant mistakes organizational leaders make is not understanding the need and methods required to effectively communicate a strategy to all levels within the organization.


Typically, leaders expect that because they have led the planning process, hopefully with other leaders from within the organization, middle managers and supervisors will "buy-in to the strategy" and effectively communicate and follow the strategic implementation process.


Thus, less than 14% of all strategic plans are implemented resulting in a loss of time, a loss in confidence, often a loss in maximizing opportunities, not being able to address threats in a timely manner, and the loss of personnel.


Utilizing PRIMEGPS ensures your strategy is effectively communicated.

Executive Team Building

BASF helps executives do three things:

  1. To see more clearly - their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for personal growth, and how to work more effectively with their peers and direct reports

  2. To put the pieces together - we find that often times organizations have various elements such as studies, reports, projects, analyses, strategic plans, etc., however these are all pieces of a 'puzzle' that need to be evaluated, refined and connected together

  3. To chart a course for building a game plan for the future and enabling the organization to stay on course as it faces diverse challenges, threats, and opportunities in the future


BASF executive coaches and facilitators help leaders come together to focus on one common game plan and we make ourselves available throughout the implementation process.


BASf utilizes experiential learning exercises to engage leaders together for fun and discovery. This engages them in owning the process.


In addition, BASF offers a set of 15 Core Capability Help Manuals which are designed to address key subject matter expertise areas.

Strategic Implementation and Assessment

​BASF helps individuals and organizations evaluate their progress which is the red portion of the '8' shown below representing Sophos or Wisdom.


Gaining timely and meaningful feedback and helping personnel to engage in continuous improvement is essential to remaining profitable and productive in our global economy.


Leaders, such as Jack Welch, understand the need for feedback from all levels within an organizaiton. It has been proven the person closest to a job has more insight into how to improve his/her job.


Utilizing PRIMEGPS ensures your organization has a timely assessment of strategic progress and enables your leaders to make 'real-time' decisions.

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