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Our Purpose


Build A Strong Future, as a 100% woman owned El Paso based business, is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the future.


Our mission is to expand leadership, responsibility, and hope. Through the 5Es: Enlighten, Encourage, Educate, Empower, and Engage, you will be able to balance your 8 Life Balance Points

Take Control of Your Future


There is no one conducting a meeting now to plan your future. We encourage you to create a Personal Life Game Plan and we have the resources to help you do it.

Setting and writing down your priorities and goals for the future is vitally important to achieving the riches you desire in your life.


Don't wait, take your first step today!

Helpful Tips, Books and Resources

Receive helpful tips and experience from a couple who married at 19, have been married for more than 41 years, have three successfully married children, and 6 beautiful grandchildren. Sue and Rick have traveled internationally for the past 16 years; worked in multiple cultures; coached and mentored leaders from 18 years old to boomers; led community improvement initiatives; conducted leadership training for government agencies, local governments, private businesses, entrepreneurs, and social organizations.


Their wealth of experience is available to you here in this site!

The Journey captures 10 Life Lessons meant to help singles and couples face the "good, bad, and ugly times." Every meaningful marriage will face successes and failures but we often don't hear how couples make it through.


The Journey presents a life of hope through actual life experiences: dealing with trust issues, trials and perseverance, overcoming discouragement, building life balance, maintaining a best friend relationship with your spouse, defining purpose and fulfilling your destiny, keeping a perspective of hope in all situations, surviving lawsuits and bankruptcy, making decisions, and applying these lessons without experiencing REGRET later in life.

Journey Together can be your Life Owner's Manual to Build a Personal Game Plan for Your Future and to Know How To Stay on Track.


You'll Learn 8 Practices Highly Successful People Know and Follow and have the practical tools to define your life purpose, set meaningful priorities and goals, and be able to face the daily challenges which threaten your life balance.


With Your Personal Game Plan in place, you'll be a better person, spouse, parent, worker, leader, and member of society.


Set Priorities for Your
8 Life Balance Points

1. Personal - Have much time alone?

2. Faith​ - Are you plugged in?

3. Family​ - How are relationships?

4. Friends​​​​​ - Have time to enjoy?

5. Career/Business - Are you stressed?

6. Finances​​​​​ - Need more $$/security?

7. Health - Taking care of yourself?


8. Recreation - Are you re-creating and vacationing?

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