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Your Personal Life Balance Point

Who You Are (Your Ethos)

Ethos simply means the disposition, character, or fundamental values particular to a specific person, people, corporation, culture, or movement. The Ethos refers to the spirit which motivates the ideas and customs.

- Wikipedia

Making time for you to think and grow.

To be adequately prepared for your journey, begin from where you are by asking yourself three important questions and write down your answers:

  • Why am I the way I am?

  • Why do I do what I do?

  • Why do I believe what I believe?


Now, take a moment and think about your life in regards to change.  How have you generally responded to change in your life?

  • Do you choose to view change as “what is happening to me” (a threat), or “what is happening for me” (an opportunity)?

In order to embrace the potential benefits of change, prepare yourself for the journey ahead. Understanding why others do not complete this journey is an important step in your preparation.

There are a variety of things that hold many people back.


If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the following, then you are in the right place at the right time…

  • You want to achieve goals but find that you miss the target and fall back into old ways

  • You desire to improve your skills in working with others but relationships aren’t working

  • You seek after the key disciplines needed for success but somehow they elude you

  • You’ve always wanted to make a difference but wonder if one person really can make an impact

  • You find it difficult to trust anyone

  • You are overwhelmed with the information explosion to the point that you don’t know how to think about most things…it’s difficult to make decisions

  • You are dissatisfied with your work…it seems empty and meaningless

  • You experience great fears about your health…the confusion over the right diet (you hate the taste) and the right exercise (you’re allergic to sweat)

  • You are filled with emotions and feelings, but are unable to express them appropriately or even express them at all

  • You are stressed out, often angry, and overwhelmed

  • You feel that no one really understands you

  • You can’t seem to accumulate enough security in your life…there never seems to be enough to make me feel secure

  • You experience a gnawing ache of loneliness, even when you’re with people

  • You sense there may be a Higher Power out there, but He sure seems to be a Cosmic Killjoy with the major themes of negativism and condemnation.  Who needs that?

  • You’re waiting and hoping for someone or something to bail you out of your life’s trials



To build a strong future, what are your priorities for 'you'?

Pressures Threaten Life Balance

The world we live in has changed significantly during the past several decades.


As a result of this ongoing change, we face pressures to change. Because of technology, our values are being challenged; other people are imposing their expectations on us, as well as, career demands on our time and attention. All these pressures lead to increased stress. This stress threatens our life balance and challenges our leadership capabilities all the way from the kitchen to the boardroom.


To build a strong future, what can you do differently?

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