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Build A Strong Future is dedicated to facilitating positive change in individuals, organizations, communities, and nations. BASF is committed to giving back value to every individual, sponsor, and community organization we serve.


In 1997, when three men had the desire to see their nation, being the '2nd most corrupt nation in the world', change into a nation where their children and grandchildren could grow up to experience freedom and economic opportunity, we were asked to help. So in July 1997, Rick made the first of 33 trips to Paraguay and the process started with a 30-month Strategic Training Initiative to develop leaders throughout the nation and at all levels of society. by 2006, over 10,000 leaders were trained and equiped with the Integrity Personal Operating System and Paraguay became one of the top ten most improved nations in the world!





We believe positive change can happen in our communities, cities, and in our nation. But as a prominent leader said when he came to our first leadership conference in Paraguay as our keynote speaker, "if a man/woman can't pay their rent, they can't change their nation." We took his words seriously and realized that Health, Wealth, and Life Balance all fit together to help people create Positive Change.


Will you join us and be Part of the Solution to Expand Leadership, Responsibility and Hope!

  • More Health

  • More Wealth

  • More Life Balance

  • Make a Difference

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