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Your Recreation Life Balance Point

Setting aside time to 'Re-Create' (Your Sophos)

Making time for you to think and grow.

To be adequately prepared for your journey, begin from where you are by asking yourself three important questions and write down your answers:

  • Why am I the way I am?

  • Why do I do what I do?

  • Why do I believe what I believe?


If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the following, then you are in the right place at the right time…

  • You want to achieve more free time but find that you miss the target and fall back into old ways

  • You seek after the key disciplines to take time to recharge your battery but fail to do so

  • You are stressed out, often angry, and overwhelmed but don't seek relaxation

  • You don't have a regular plan for recreation

  • You think you are invincible and don't need time off from stressful activities

  • You are worried about finances so you don't take vacations

  • You come back more tired than rested from vacations




To build a strong future, what are your priorities for 'you'?

Sophos has had the meaning "skilled" or "wise" since the time of the poet Homer and originally was used to describe anyone with expertise in a specific domain of knowledge or craft. For example, a charioteer, a sculptor or a warrior could be described as sophoi in their occupation. Gradually, however, the word also came to denote general wisdom and especially wisdom about human affairs, i.e. being diligent to set aside time to "recharge your battery".


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Pressures Threaten Life Balance

The world we live in has changed significantly during the past several decades.


As a result of this ongoing change, we face pressures to change. Because of technology, our values are being challenged; other people are imposing their expectations on us, as well as, career demands on our time and attention. All these pressures lead to increased stress. This stress threatens our life balance and challenges our leadership capabilities all the way from the kitchen to the boardroom.


To build a strong future, what can you do differently?

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