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If a person can't pay their rent, they can't change their nation

In November 1999, the founders of Build A Strong Future along with the EPCI leadership team conducted the first National Leadership Conference in the nation of Paraguay. Mr. Morton Blackwell, President of the Leadership Foundation in Washington, DC, was the keynote speaker for the event. Afterwards, on the way to the airport, we asked him a question: Morton, if you could give us one piece of advice about the strategic training initiative being conducted here in Paraguay, what would it be? His response was priceless: "If a man (person, added to be inclusive) can't pay his rent, he can't change hsi nation."

From that day forward we realized that organized leaders to bring about positive change in a community or nation required a mixture of full-time workers, part-time workers, and especially volunteer supporters. The full-time and part-time workers needed to make a living through the transfornatiomal efforts being implemented. As the leaders of the Initiative it was our responsibility to help these emerging leaders meet their basic living expenses so they could focus on the work at hand - changing their nation from the 2nd most corrupt nation in the world. With hard work, successful training and strategic intiatives, Paraguay became one of the top 10 most improved nations by 2006.

Today, the United States is facing some of the biggest challenges if has ever faced. We need effective leadership, effective decision-makers, and these leaders need to have a unique quality "the smell of smoke." What this means is they need to be proven leaders who personally know success and failure. They need to have died to their dreams more than once. Abraham Lincoln is a glowing example of a leader whose resume was full smoke. He failed many times, yet he went on to become one of our most respected presidents.

Build A Strong Future is devoted to helping the City of El Paso and the Borderland Region as a community to improve. We have five primary goals which are linked to the El Paso Coalition Initaitive founded in 2013:

1. Improve collabortation and create a practical means of communicating the "best kept secrets" in the area

2. Help leaders, committed to the Initiative, earn a living in creative and effective ways so they can focus on the improvement process

3. Deliver the 5Es: Enlighten, Encourage, Educate, Empower, and Engage

4. Reduce the high school drop-out rate from 33% to 10% by 2020

5. Protect our Youth for When We Protect Our Youth, We Protect Our Future

A key element of the El Paso Coalition Initiative is TEAM 21.

Team 21 focuses on enhancing the collaboration efforts by leading by example, helping Community Leaders Come Together With A Purpose; and communicating 8 Core Values (standards seen as worthwhile).

We invite you to be Part of the Solution!

To learn moreo go to or copy and paste links below in your browser:

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BASF Resources!resource-list/c1bdv

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Improve Your Future!self-improvement/c1n8o

Grow Your Career and Business!grow-your-career--business/c20wn

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