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 The El Paso Coalition Initiative is dedicated to Expanding Leadership, Responsibility & Hope With The P.I.E. Community Improvement Strategy!



Together We Can Make A Difference…

BASF is here to help parents, teens, schools, and the community to ensure teens graduate from high school. We recognize students face the real and present danger of substance abuse, truancy, teen pregnancy, and being at-risk in other areas. Our sons or daughters face these temptations and realities every day.


Each day children across El Paso and America walk into a 'danger zone' - many times unaware of the plot to capture their life and future through drugs, alcohol, and gangs. A recent national study shows that 1 in 5 students use alcohol and drugs while in school - yes they buy, sell and use drugs on school premisses. You might question like many parents have, how is this possible? The truth is... it is happening!


When a student is not in school he or she is a prime target for cartels, gangs and other groups to endanger his/her life. Our goal is to help students be more aware and resist these influences because: When We Protect Our Youth, We Protect Your Future!


Programs have been created, tested and implemented to help parents, youth, and teens leave better equipped to be more effective with a game plan on how to help you and your child succeed.


Recently, the City of El Paso and its Community Development & Neighborhood Services Department has awarded (4) Solutions Grants, each being up to $50,000.00. El Paso Coalition members were fortunate to receive (2) of the (4) grants.


The materials being used for these grants have been created by BASF and are entitled Project Wake-Up for three reasons:

1. Students wake-up to the educational opportunities being offered to them;

2. Parents wake-up and take personal responsibility for raising their children;

3. The Borderland Community needs to wake-up and get involved to help schools, law enforcement, and other community organizations who are committed to providing viable solutions to address deficiencies in our culture.


Now our task is to raise matching $$ through community sponsorship and implement the programs over the next 12 months.



TEAM 21 EduKit Bonus Features:

  • English & Spanish

  • 2x the value

  • Patented box... each panel is an educational tool

  • Unique PANIC BUTTON... helps parents find help nationally & locally

  • Buy Local - All El Paso team

  • Local educational support    

  • Delivery available to your home (shipping extra)


TEAM 21 EduKit Benefits:

  • Gives a teen the reason to say 'NO'

  • Easy to use @ home

  • (2) Tests: one for 12 Drugs and the other for Spice

  • Immediate Results


Manuals and Facilitator's Manual available with PowerPoint presentations for each session

When You Protect Your Child, You Protect Your Future!

  • Drug abuse starts as early as 10 years of age

  • 1 in 5 students are buying, selling or using drugs in school

  • 9 out of 10 (86%) of American High School students say classmates are drugging, drinking, and smoking during the school day

  • 44% say they know a student who sells drugs

  • For the 6th straight year, 60% say they attend a drug-infected school

  • 54% of students say their private school is a drug-infected school (up 50% from 2011)


Each Panel of the EduKit is an educational tool (picture of inside the EduKit)

Spanish Booklet

Click on PowerPoint icon for more information

National and Local Community Support


Our Panic Button is a link to a wealth of National resources to inform, educate, and provide support for parents and the community.

Click the photo above for access to The 2012 El Paso Mental Health Service Directory

The above PDF is a compilation of Behavioral Health and Social Resources El Paso Region compiled bt Christi Luby, MPH, CHES Univeristy of Texas at El Paso

Click the photo above for The City of El Paso Public Health Department's PHD 2013 Community Health Assessment Report

National and Local Community Sponsors

We are very fortunate to have been included in (2) City of El Paso Community Development & Neighborhood Services Solutions Grants awarded in August 2015.


Build A Strong Future has always believed in rewarding Sponsors who participate in our community leadership initiatives with a win-win-win formula:

  • WIN FOR THE COMMUNITY: A sponsor commits to support The P.I.E. Community Improvement Strategy

  • WIN FOR THE SPONSOR: Sponsor receives 2X the amount they commit in services offered by BASF

  • WIN FOR BASF: We can continue focusing on leading and supporting worthwhile community initiatives which can help our community to improve and become a model for the nation!

Spice Is Not Nice Educational Program

Spice is one of many synthetic drugs and is a designer drug. The term “designer drug” refers to drugs that are created in an “underground” or illegal laboratory. A designer drug is created by changing the properties of a drug that comes from a plant, such as marijuana or cocaine, using

the tools of chemistry. The resulting “designer” drugs typically have similar or sometimes heightened effects compared to the illegal recreational drugs.


Mrs. Ruth Rivas lost her son Adam to spice which became a defining moment for her and her family. Ruth, now through Spice Is Not Nice, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, dedicates her time to sharing the real and present danger of substance abuse.


Her book, Listen.Learn.Live, explains in detail how spice is made, the impacts of this form of recreational drug, and how lethal it can be to the human body.


We are pleased to offer her book in our resource center. To learn more about Spice Is Not Nice click on the logo in the upper right corner.



Adam Robert Hernandez

May 2, 1984 – June 20, 2012

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