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The El Paso Coalition is dedicated to Expanding Leadership, Responsibility & Hope With The P.I.E. Community Improvement Strategy!


Leadership is transforming vision into reality!

  • Today’s mandate is change or be changed.

  • To accomplish a worthy vision leaders need to build trust, high performing teams, and overcome cultural deficiencies. The 4Cs of Character (ETHOS), Connection (PATHOS), Competence (LOGOS), and a Commitment to Change (SOPHOS) are essential to accomplish these essential goals. Additionally, leaders who are honest, caring and faithful to lead by example, are needed at all levels and all ages.

  • The foundational principles of servant leadership are the basis for their success. Technical skills and theoretical knowledge are insufficient to fulfill the roles and responsibilities expected by leaders in the workplace today.

  • Mastering the “People Factor” requires the art and discipline of the learning, applying and mentoring others in the 4Cs. Through these efforts we demonstrate servant leadership.


Build A Strong Future

Our extensive leadership curriculums and systems help individuals and organizations implement strategic change with a Game Plan System (GPS) to build a strong future. By 2020, we are committed to seeing significant improvements in overcoming the cultural deficiencies we are experiencing in our communities and nation. You can join our team of committed and concerned citizens who want to Build A Strong Future for America. We will keep you posted on the many ways you can become part of the solution!






Support BASF Team 21

Choices have consequences and what you don’t know can kill you or a loved one!


Responsibility is about our Yes being 'Yes' and our No being 'No'. A child's brain is not fully developed until the age of 25 years old. Therefore, often they do not think about the consequences of their decisions until after they have acted and it may be too late!


Therefore, our focus in on:

  • Developing new habits in 21 Days

  • Helping Children Stay Drug Free ’til age 21

  • Helping Children obtain a High School Diploma and Life/Work Skills by age 21

  • Helping Parents be Role Models

  • Helping Law Enforcement and Schools Succeed


Our youth, ages 10-21, face increasing challenges with the real and present danger of drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, bullying, gangs and the infiltration of drug cartels and crime across the nation. Current research shows 1 in 5 students are using, buying, or selling illegal drugs in schools and 9 out of 10 high school students know a friend who is drinking, drugging or smoking in school. Parents, grandparents and community members are seeking the “know how” to deal with these challenges.


Team 21 Initiatives provide practical and effective EduKits which educate parents, adults and students alike. Best of all, EduKits serve as a deterrent to help your child/young adult say NO to friends and peers when tempted to make unsafe and unwise choices. Team 21’s coaches, executive coaches, facilitators and mentors are ready to equip others before it is too late.










Join With Us To Make A Difference…

Our vision is to Build A Strong Future in communities and throughout our nation.


Today, parents, grandparents, baby boomers (50+) and retirees have one thing in common: tomorrow’s leaders are being developed today.


The good news is we’re experiencing longer life spans. The challenge is a shift in values is threatening our future! Emerging leaders are seeking role models who have the foundations of leadership. Unfortunately, they look around at our culture and are losing hope.


Recent studies show emerging generations expect to be coached and mentored. These young leaders, ages 21 to 45, are emerging in the workplace as supervisors, managers and leaders of organizations.


Sadly, our communities and nation are facing a deficit in the number of qualified coaches and mentors to equip younger leaders. Lessons learned need to be passed on and we need better succession planning.


We'll continue to keep you updated through our blogs and invite you to join us in caring for our youth.


We all have two choices: Be part of the problem or Be part of the solution in bringing hope to emerging generations.





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