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Who We Are...

Rick Seeberger

As an Executive Coach, Consultant, and Strategic Facilitator, Rick has travelled more than 4.5 million miles and has led or participated in Leadership Initiatives in  43 nations.


Experienced in leadership development, executive team building, strategic planning and implementation, Rick has led hundreds of life/career skills workshops for groups from classrooms to boardrooms.


Rick authored over 75 works on the subject of leadership plus 2 books - Master & Mentor, Dynamics of the Marketplace Church, and has co-authored 3 other books - Roadmap To ORSA, The Journey, and Journey Together.


Sue Seeberger

As a Personal Coach, Sue is highly gifted in decernment and is a great one-on-one coach.


As a wife, mother of three, grandmother, business owner and partner, as well as, an international traveler Sue brings a wealth of practical skills, knowledge and experience to help women and men manage the  daily pressures of life, marriage, and parenting.


Sue has co-authored The Journey and Journey Together with her husband. Sue has significantly contributed to all of the resources offered by Build A Strong Future.

Our Passion

As a result of Rick's first educational mission to El Salvador in 1989 and the 39 subsequent missions over the next 6 years (to countries in Central and South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe) we gained a great appreciation for different cultures and their needs. For most in these nations, the United States stood out as a 'shining star of hope'.


However, it was not until 1997, when the invitation came to help three leaders in the nation of Paraguay (at that time the 2nd most corrupt nation in the world) did we grow to understand over the next 9 years how transformational change could take place in a nation and the world-view of people could be positively impacted.


Then in 2009, an invitation came for us to travel to Cairo, Egypt and work with Aspire Experiential Business Solutions. Aspire is one of the premier training and consulting organizations serving customers throughout the Middle East. It is a privilege to be working with the Aspire Team.



Today our nation faces many challenges and our passion is to help people, organizations, and communities achieve a Quality Life through transformational change. For example:


  • 10,000 people are retiring every day in the U.S. and will for the next 17 years. The global economy; equities/stock market fluctuations; and growing financial/health pressures are threatening their retirement security. Many will need to supplement their retirement income.


  • Retired executives, managers, and leaders are looking for places to invest their time, lessons learned, and energy to make a difference.


  • Many people are seeking career changes and desire to enhance their leadership skills and broaden their income opportunities.



  • We pass on foundational principles and values to individuals, communities, cities, and nations.


  • We help people improve the quality of their lives and financial security.


  • We provide a proven Game Plan System (GPS) enabling individuals and organizations to achieve their purpose, destiny and desired priorities, goals and objectives.


  • We equip, coach, mentor and empower individuals of all ages.


  • We provide a proven Fully-Integrated Strategic Development and Implementation System.



Clients/Organizations we have served locally...

Government & The Public Sector

City of El Paso

DEA El Paso Field Division

Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office
El Paso Community College
El Paso Independent School District

El Paso International Airport

El Paso Police Department
El Paso Sheriff's Office

Fort Bliss Law Enforcement Breakfast
Texas Narcotic Officer's Association
The University of Texas at El Paso
University Medical Center
United States Marshal Service

The Private Sector

Hospice of El Paso
El Paso Honda
El Paso Online Marketing


Spectrum Technologies
T&T Staff Management
The Business Journal
The Green Ingredient
The Printing Corner
The Postal Solution
Trinity Health Coaching
Trust Screening

The Social Sector

Borderplex Economic Alliance
Border School
Eastside Business Alliance
El Paso Chamber of Commerce
Freestyle Foundation
Homegrown El Paso
No D.U.I.
Northeast Business Alliance
Southwestern Border Sheriff's Coalition
Spice is Not Nice
Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition

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